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Hi, I’m John, head coach and owner of Primal Performance. I started Primal Performance to elevate personal training and powerlifting coaching as I saw that there was need for top level coaches that do things right. A bit more about myself: I’m a former top-level athlete in cycling and powerlifting (I’ve squatted over 700 pounds multiple times in competition). I’ve always had a passion for training and sports and started personal training and coaching at 19 years old. They call me the trainer of trainers for a reason – many of the personal trainers in the area seek me out to be their own personal trainer! Over the last decade I’ve helped clients from all walks of life and levels of fitness achieve their goals. From elite strength athletes, youth athletes, elite business professionals, moms, dads, and everyone in between. I have a very strong passion for health and fitness and helping our clients to reach there goals, I believe in supporting clients and creating lasting change without dependence.


Hi! My name is Chelsea and I’m a powerlifter competing in the 63kg JR category and am certified with ISSA as a personal trainer and nutritionist. I have an athletic background in gymnastics for 8 years and swimming for 4 years. It was after retiring from gymnastics that I started getting into powerlifting training for strength.

I remember a couple months after I started training for powerlifting I started seeing some huge changes in my mental and physical health. One of my biggest struggles was with food. Before strength training I was constantly obsessing and talking nonstop about my next meal because I felt I needed to make the most of the little calories I had in a day. This all changed when I started strength training. Gradually, food stopped taking up space in my brain and I could finally focus on my other life problems.

After seeing these changes in myself, that’s when I knew I wanted to become a trainer; so I can be the one to help others struggling with their health, live a new life! My goal as a trainer is to empower people to lift for strength and change their lifestyle.


Hey everyone! My name is Ethan. I am a former university-level football player and a current powerlifter. I am a Certified Personal Trainer who believes in meeting each client where they are at individually!

I have been passionate about health and fitness for the past 15 years! Whether it was attending sport-specific training sessions, playing as many sports as possible, or following my own training programs, I have always remained active. Since then, I have decided to share my passion with others as a personal trainer. Over the years, I have trained many different types of clients: aspiring firefighters, athletes, and working professionals to name a few!

I really love what I do and believe full-heartedly in the benefits that individualized training provides. It has benefitted me immensely, both mentally and physically, and I know it will do the same for you.


Hi, my name is Stephen and I’m an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer with Primal Performance Coaching. After 12 years of playing hockey competitively, I hung up the skates after getting in the gym and absolutely loving it. It became clear that, in hockey, being fast was no longer cutting it.

At 115lbs, not only were the initial workouts difficult but gaining weight and putting on size seemed like an uphill battle. By sticking to the process, size and strength gains followed. Once I started seeing the results, I was hooked. I felt better, looked better, and knew I had what it took to get after what I wanted – both inside and outside the gym.

Jumping into strength training was the start of a journey of powering through my own fitness goals, which soon after left me wanting more. That “more” is striving to want to help others achieve theirs.


Hello everyone my name is Joseph. I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer that has had an athletic background in Football for 14 years as well as started bodybuilding in 2019.

When I was younger my relationship with food was a struggle. I was overweight and it took a couple of years until I reached a point where I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror. I then pushed myself to build healthy and sustainable habits for my health and physical well-being. The changes I implemented and worked at consistently also transformed my mental health tremendously.

The reason I became a personal trainer is due to the passion I found in bettering myself and improving my mental state. I want to help others achieve the same positive experience and conquer their goals. Fitness is more than just a physical goal, once you invest time into yourself you will notice every other aspect of your life improve as well. I can’t wait to help you become the best version of yourself.


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