Hybrid Powerlifting

Get top-notch coaching and results remotely and in person. If you have a goal there are no excuses, we can get you there.

Combining Elite Level Online Coaching, In-Person Feedback, & an Amazing Community.


  • Access to exclusive VIP Facebook group for clients.
  • Weekly Zoom office hours with coaching for all clients.
  • Weekly seminars via Zoom
  • 30 minute weekly call for check-ins
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Workout Program

Hybrid Pricing:

$300 per month plus HST.

Powerlifting Pricing:

​$180 per month plus HST

​*** Offered both Virtually and Hybrid ***

Powerlifting Team

Training with a team of like-minded, top lifters, is a very hard environment but crucial to get to the next level in the sport.

​The team meets weekly on Sundays at Forge Performance & Fitness (Mississauga). To join the team, you must be serious about your training and representing Primal Performance.


  • Unlimited access to coach feedback and once a week group sessions
  • Monthly programs that are adjusted on the fly as needed
  • Team swag
  • Coaching on day of meets
  • Access to exclusive VIP Facebook Group for clients
  • Weekly Zoom office hours with a coach for all clients
  • Weekly seminars via Zoom

Elite Package

5 days a week (minimum 6 or 12 month contract paid in full).

​Transform your life completely with the best coaching and attention to detail you can get!

​If you have a big event or wedding coming soon or just want to look you very best, then this is for you!

What’s Included:

  • FST Recovery Sessions when needed
  • Weekly 30-minute nutrition meetings
  • Nutrition plan custom made for you
  • Elite personal training 5 days a week

​I’ll make sure there’s no excuses and nothing stopping you from achieving your goal.

Elite Package Pricing:

6 Months – $12,000 + taxes

12 Months – $18,000 + taxes

*** This is a huge discount.

Basic Online Coaching Pricing:

$100 per month plus HST.

(minimum 3-month commitment)

Basic Online Coaching

With Basic Online Coaching, you get the very best customized programming without all the extras we give you with 1-on-1 coaching

  • Nutrition*
  • Video feedback*
  • Weekly calls*

*are not included.

However, we do give you access to a client onboarding page with lots of great info and a monthly email check-in with a coach to ensure we set up your next training cycle just right.

You will also have access to the Primal Discord private community, where you can access the weekly coach’s office hours and seminars that we host to educate all the primal clients and lifters!!

This is a great budget-friendly coaching option for lifters that feel confident in their skills or want to test things out before investing in 1-on-1 coaching with Primal Performance Coaching.

Got a Question about Coaching ask us!

When you want to get a quote or simply ask a question, reach out to us via our Contact page

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